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Introducing NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor Mike Pannone

It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the NRA Carry Guard Leadership Team, Mike Pannone.

Tickets On Sale Now For NRA Carry Guard Expo This September in Richmond

Tickets are on sale now for the second annual NRA Carry Guard Expo, scheduled for Sept. 14-16 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center in downtown Richmond, Virginia.

Commuter Drills: NRA Carry Guard Magazine Issue 2

These drills cover a variety of skills that are important to practice: multiple-shot, rapid-fire engagements; trigger control; firing with primary hand only; and tactical reloads.

Join us September 14-16, 2018 for the NRA Carry Guard Expo at the Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, VA.

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Will You Survive the Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting?

Surviving a self-defense shooting is only the beginning. Will you know what to do in the seconds that follow?

Our free "Aftermath" guide will give you expert advice on what to expect and how to handle the immediate aftermath of a lawful self-defense shooting.

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NRA Carry Guard Expo Workshops Provide the Ultimate Hands-On Experience

The second annual NRA Carry Guard Expo is now less than a month away. Once you buy your three-day admission badge that gets you into the show, the exhibit hall and all of the free seminars taking place Friday-Sunday, September 14-16.


Mindset could very well be the most important self-preservation tool that one can possess. Without the proper mindset, one may as well carry an empty holster.

Pat McNamara Gives NRA Carry Guard the Thumbs Up

Just recently, Grant Stinchfield chatted with former U.S. Army Special Forces operator Pat McNamara about his thoughts on the NRA’s Carry Guard program, and he had nothing but great things to say.

Breaking The Routine: A Look At Situational Awareness In The Modern World

Routine: the familiar, the orderly, the common, the regular, the expected, the habitual, the predictable. We all observe routines in our daily lives.

Campus Carry Makes Universities Safer

“I believe [campus carry] makes the campus a safer place to live, learn, and educate.” Lieutenant Amy Ive, Texas Tech PD

An Interview With NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor Mike Pannone

Mike Pannone is the latest addition to the NRA Carry Guard leadership team. We wanted to know a little more about Mike’s background, and he kindly obliged us by answering our questions.

Intermediate Course AAR

After experiencing the course firsthand, I can say without hesitation that NRA has developed a training program that takes a backseat to no other organization or company. In my mind, this course is the standard by which other defensive handgun courses should and will be judged.

Trauma Kits Aren’t a One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Picking out a trauma kit isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Just as it was with picking out your first firearm, selecting your first trauma kit is an individual decision—it’s all up to you.

National Reciprocity: Civil Rights Legislation For Gun Owners

Opponents of national reciprocity are desperate to derail this vital legislation at any cost, for they know it will be the ultimate undoing of the myth that more firearms in the hands of law-abiding Americans somehow increases crime.

Introducing NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor Mike Pannone

It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the NRA Carry Guard Leadership Team, Mike Pannone.

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