A Right. A Responsibility.

Rights and Responsibilities Video Training. 

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It takes more than a gun to be well-armed. This is training for those who understand that carrying every day requires discipline, education and a respectful appreciation of the magnitude of drawing the gun from the holster.

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Once The bullet Leaves The Gun

Assuming you are legally justified in pulling the trigger on an assailant simply isn't good enough—it is essential not to exercise deadly force unless absolutely necessary.

The Totality of the Circumstances

Learn how to use the legal concept of the totality of circumstances to articulate the threats that you faced.

The Significance of Time

A question that will be asked of any self-defense incident is if it was immediately necessary.

Morals VS. Laws

When you weigh whether to employ deadly force, you must remember that you will not be judged on the morality of your actions but on legal procedural considerations that often have no apprehension of the realities of violence.

Understanding Self-Defense

Learn why it is crucial to be able to disconnect from your emotions and discern between true self-defense, as legally defined, and retribution.


Whether or not you live in a state with Stand Your Ground laws, you should abide by a four-step strategy: Avoid. De-escalate. Retreat. Engage.

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When you think about the training you need to get, this is the new standard.

- Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso, NRATV Commentator and Founder and CEO, Dynamis Alliance

A program such as NRA Carry Guard is vital to the firearms industry.

- Pat McNamara, Veteran U.S. Army Special Operations and Founder, TMACS INC

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