Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL

NRA Director of Education and Training

NRA Carry Guard Training Director


Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL

NRA Director of Education and Training

NRA Carry Guard Training Director


Before being medically retired, Eric Frohardt served his country for nearly 12 years. He underwent some of the best firearms training in the world learning from America's best tactical shooting instructors. More importantly, he had the chance to use and test that training on the battlefield. 



  • NRA Director of Education and Training
  • Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL Operator Chief Petty Officer
  • Co-Founder of the BluCore Shooting Center
  • Former CEO of StrongFirst

NRA Carry Guard will prepare you to carry with confidence.

- Eric Frohardt, NRA Carry Guard Training Director


Eric Frohardt is a veteran Navy SEAL with nearly 12 years of active duty service. He was deployed numerous times to hot spots around the world and received various medals and commendations. As a SEAL, Eric had some of the best training in the world including Close Quarter Battle, sniper operations, demolition, diving, parachuting, combat casualty care, survival, climbing and hand-to-hand combat. He specialized in tactical shooting and he had the opportunity to train with some of the world’s most elite combat shooting instructors.

Eric was medically retired in 2010 as a SEAL Chief Petty Officer, SOC, or E-7. After leaving the Navy, Eric co-founded a number of different businesses including BluCore Shooting Center—an indoor gun range, gun store and firearms training facility located in Lakewood, Colo. Before becoming NRA’s Director of Education and Training, Eric served as the CEO of StrongFirst, Inc., a strength and fitness education company with a global presence of more than 3,000 instructors on six continents.

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