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Meet The Leadership Team

George Severence

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Carry Guard National Director

Through more than 20 years in Naval Special Warfare, George led special operations teams on four continents as a Team Leader, Platoon Commander, Troop Commander, Task Unit Commander, Operations Officer and Executive Officer.

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Eric Frohardt

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Director of Education and Training
NRA Carry Guard Training Director

As a veteran Navy SEAL with nearly 12 years of active duty service, Eric had some of the best firearms training in the world and learned from some of the world’s most elite tactical shooting instructors. He’s the co-founder of BluCore Shooting Center.

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James R. Jarrett

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Curriculum Director

As a veteran Green Beret, Los Angeles Police Department officer, federal agent and deep-cover intelligence operative, James R. Jarrett has decades of experience as a tactical weapons practitioner and instructor.

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Jeff Houston

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor

Jeff served as a Green Beret with U.S. Army Special Forces, completing service in 2009. He was deployed multiple times to Iraq, and has excelled at completing various tactical shooting courses with both tactical rifles and pistols.

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Attention Instructors

The Following is Required to Become an NRA Carry Guard Instructor:

  • Pass the NRA Carry Guard Level 1 training course with Distinction (a score of 90% or higher)
  • Attend and pass an NRA Carry Guard Level 1 Instructor Training Course (dates to be announced)
  • Undergo a probationary instructor period

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