NRA Carry Guard Scenario Training

NRA Carry Guard Scenario Training


This 1-day course, either indoors or out, includes classroom training and multiple life-like scenarios.

Designed for those who have a CCW permit or live in a state with constitutional carry, this course will test your fundamentals (basics), your ability to execute those fundamentals under stress, and your ability to make the decision to shoot or not to shoot in a dynamic, life-like, real-world environment.

All exercises will be conducted with simulated or UTM guns so there is no need to bring your own firearm or ammunition.


  • Legal Rights and Responsibilities
  • Mindset / Situational Awareness
  • Weapons / Tools / Equipment
  • Firearms Safety & Practical Application
  • Weapons Handling / Awareness  (specific to UTM) 
  • Ready Positions
  • Drawing from Holster and Reholstering
  • Force on Force training 

Have a CCW permit or live in a state with constitutional carry.

  • Layered clothing options to protect you against marking rounds fired from UTM man-marking rounds.
  • Recommendation: have at least a medium weight jacket that can be shot with wax paint rounds
  • Eye protection (clear with shatterproof lenses)
  • Hand-held light
  • Note pad and pen
  • Snacks, water
  • Personal medications if any (please notify instructor of any medical conditions)
  • The following will be provided to you: helmet/face mask, gloves, and neck protector

Upcoming Classes

Our elite cadre of NRA Carry Guard instructors is traveling the country to train responsible Americans like you.

Under federal law, certain non-U.S. citizens are prohibited from participating in this course. Only non-U.S. citizens who are: (1) lawful permanent residents (e.g., green card holders), (2) refugees, or (3) individuals who have been granted asylum may participate in this course.

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I’ve taken a lot of firearms classes. I consider myself very well trained. But this course was life-changing.

- Dana Loesch, NRA Carry Guard Member

Meet The Most Comprehensive Team In Carry Training

Eric Frohardt

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Director of Education and Training
NRA Carry Guard Training Director

Jack Carr

Veteran U.S. Navy Seal
NRA Carry Guard National Director

Jeff Houston

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Director of Operations
NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor

James R. Jarrett

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor

Mike Pannone

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor

When you think about the training you need to get, this is the new standard.

- Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso, NRATV Commentator and Founder and CEO, Dynamis Alliance

A program such as NRA Carry Guard is vital to the firearms industry.

- Pat McNamara, Veteran U.S. Army Special Operations and Founder, TMACS INC


Want To Become An Instructor?

All students who have passed an NRA Carry Guard course with Distinction (a score of 90% or higher) are eligible to apply to become an NRA Carry Guard instructor of such class.

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