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Training For The Real-Life Situations You Must Be Prepared To Face

$850 Per Student

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Intensive Training For Those Who Take Carrying Seriously

We created the NRA Carry Guard program to be the gold standard in concealed carry training to prepare responsible citizens who legally carry to effectively confront today's evolving conflict environment.

Our program was developed by elite military veterans in conjunction with law enforcement experts. It consists of three levels of training, with Level One available now, and Levels Two and Three to follow.

The courses are open to all law-abiding citizens, but truthfully, they're not for everyone. This is training for those who take carrying seriously—people who want to be more proficient shooters so they can carry concealed with greater confidence. It's also training for those who know it takes more than a gun to be well-armed and who understand that carrying every day requires discipline, education and a respectful appreciation of the magnitude of drawing the gun from the holster.


The Best Do The Basics Better

We base this three-day program on the concept “the best do the basics better,” and focus on fundamentals on the range. Then we apply those fundamentals to real-life situations, self-defense tactics and techniques, low-light shooting, force-on-force Airsoft scenarios and more. Students are evaluated on a course of fire where only a passing score earns eligibility to move to the next level—there are no participation certificates.

NRA Carry Guard is the very best resource for responsible citizens who are leading the concealed carry lifestyle. An NRA membership is not required to take our training classes. However, we encourage all responsible firearms owners who value their Second Amendment freedoms to sign up for membership.

It’s always good to know where your leaders were trained. Our leaders were trained down range.

Level One consists of three days of instruction from the finest collection of trainers who believe in drilling the fundamentals. Their philosophy: the best do the basics better.


Day Two of training will be a long one as we extend into the darkness to get experience shooting and managing the weapons in low light and nighttime situations.


We drill the fundamentals on the range, then we apply those fundamentals to real-world scenarios.


Our classroom session covers details about the CCW lifestyle you may never have considered. And almost certainly haven’t practiced.

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Meet The Most Comprehensive Team In Carry Training

George Severence

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Carry Guard National Director

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Eric Frohardt

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Carry Guard Training Director

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James R. Jarrett

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Curriculum Director

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Jeff Houston

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard
Lead Instructor

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I've never taken a better course.

- Colion Noir, Gold NRA Carry Guard Member

Training Endorsed By The Industry's Best

Dom Raso

Dom Raso is the Founder and CEO of Dynamis Alliance. Dom served in the Navy for 12 years as a SEAL and is currently an NRATV Commentator.

Joe Collins

A senior instructor at Tomahawk Strategic Solutions, Joe has extensive experience in the industry. Joe served in two different branches of the military and two different law enforcement agencies including a stint as a SWAT team member.

Pat McNamara

Pat McNamara is the President of TMACS INC. Pat spent 22 years in the U.S. Army serving in several Special Operations Units and has developed his own marksmanship club with NRA, CMP and USPSA Affiliations.

A program such as NRA Carry Guard is vital to the firearms industry.

- Pat McNamara, Veteran U.S. Army Special Operations and Founder, TMACS INC

When you think about the training you need to get, this is the new standard.

- Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso, NRATV Commentator and Founder and CEO, Dynamis Alliance


Want To Learn How To Teach The Class?

All NRA-certified firearms instructors, as well as active-duty and veteran law enforcement and military personnel, are eligible to apply to become NRA Carry Guard instructors.

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Join us August 25–27, 2017, for the NRA Carry Guard Expo at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI.