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All NRA-certified firearms instructors, as well as active-duty and veteran law enforcement and military personnel, are eligible to apply to become NRA Carry Guard instructors.

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What You'll Learn

The mission of NRA Carry Guard instructors is to provide the skills, education and training necessary to equip citizens for today’s changing conflict space. You’ll receive the training necessary to help students build the basic skills necessary to effectively employ a firearm in self-defense.


Never before has NRA offered such comprehensive, relevant and integrated self-defense training. This program was built from scratch, with no set parameters, to meet the real needs of citizens. Through education and training, you’ll prepare citizens to effectively protect themselves and their loved ones under chaotic and confusing conditions.

A program such as NRA Carry Guard is vital to the firearms industry.

- Pat McNamara, Veteran U.S. Army Special Operations and Founder, TMACS INC

When you think about the training you need to get, this is the new standard.

- Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso, NRATV Commentator and Founder and CEO, Dynamis Alliance

Instruction Drawn from Special Ops Veterans

Our dedicated cadre of program developers have been drawn primarily from the world of special operations. They built the program using the best training methods available and honed it to its present form on the range with real students.

Meet Your Instructors

George Severence

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Carry Guard National Director

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Eric Frohardt

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Carry Guard Training Director

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James R. Jarrett

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Curriculum Director

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Jeff Houston

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard
Lead Instructor

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Join us August 25–27, 2017, for the NRA Carry Guard Expo at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI.