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NRA Carry Guard Is The Gold Standard In Carry Training

We created the NRA Carry Guard program to be the gold standard in concealed carry training to prepare responsible citizens who legally carry to effectively confront today’s evolving conflict environment. 

World-Class Firearms Training Designed To Fit Your Unique Schedule And Skill Level
Rights & Responsibilities Video Series
Essential Training For Those Who Carry

Regardless of whether you're a beginner or an expert, all gun owners owe it to themselves to watch the Rights & Responsibilities video series, which features hours of instruction that will prepare you for the modern reality of self-defense.

Instructor Led Training Courses
For Serious Enthusiasts

This is the crown jewel of NRA Carry Guard Training, for those who take carrying seriously. It was developed by elite military veterans in conjunction with law enforcement experts.


For Beginners And Experts Alike

Rights and Responsibilities Video Training

NRA Carry Guard members receive free and immediate access to the Rights & Responsibilities video series, which features a growing body of instruction that will prepare you for the modern reality of self-defense.

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The Best Carry Firearms Training On The Planet. Period.

Our elite cadre of NRA Carry Guard instructors are traveling the country to train responsible Americans like you. Be the first to know of new training courses.

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Meet The Most Comprehensive Team In Carry Training

Eric Frohardt

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Director of Education and Training
NRA Carry Guard Training Director

When you think about the training you need to get, this is the new standard.

- Veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso, NRATV Commentator and Founder and CEO, Dynamis Alliance

A program such as NRA Carry Guard is vital to the firearms industry.

- Pat McNamara, Veteran U.S. Army Special Operations and Founder, TMACS INC

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