Right To Carry 9/10/2018

Study Sheds Light on the Increase in Concealed Carry Permits

by Darren LaSorte

John Lott’s Crime Prevention Research Center continues its monumental body of work intended to bring reason and science into a public policy battle too often devoid of both – the relevancy of a free American’s right to armed self-defense in public.  His most recent study concerning concealed handgun permits is detailed in this Fox News article.

In what can only be bad news for violent street predators everywhere, Lott reports that nearly 900,000 new carry permits were issued to Americans over the last year.  The total number of permits in the country has reached an all-time high of 17.25 million, despite a record number of states no longer requiring a permit to carry a concealed handgun in the first place.

This number is even more impressive when considering that there were only 4.6 million nationwide in 2007.  Female, black and Asian populations are overrepresented as a percentage of growth when it comes to permit acquisition.  This flies in the face of the Fake News narrative that the fight to preserve the right to armed self-defense in public is only a “thing” for old white guys.

Another four states have been added to the list of states where at least 10 percent of the adult population has acquired a permit.  The total number now stands at 15.  Let’s just say that a thug’s “job” is far more dangerous in Alabama, Indiana, and South Dakota than it is in New York, New Jersey or Maryland.

Lott has argued all along that the less expensive and burdensome the process of obtaining a permit becomes, the more citizens (including a more diverse population) we will see exercising their God-given rights.  Thanks to the NRA’s work in state capitals across the country, Lott was proven right once again.  Reason and science really does prevail over emotion and propaganda.

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