NRA Carry Guard Daily 9/17/2018

Show Your Hands, Obey Commands

With all the attention that police confrontations are getting in the media these days, it’s not all that surprising that being involved in encounters with law enforcement officers may bring about feelings of uneasiness and anxiety. The media loves to exploit officers’ mistakes and politicize bad actors, but that doesn’t mean you’re in for a bad time.

In reality, how well or how poorly your encounter ends up depends almost entirely on you.

Whether you’ve been pulled over or you’re a witness at the scene of a crime, being compliant and cooperative with officers will exponentially lower your chance of getting injured. If all else fails, just remember Grant Stinchfield’s saying: “Show your hands, obey commands.” Make sure the officer always has a visual on both of your hands, and do your best to follow the instructions that officer gives you.

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