NRA Carry Guard Daily 8/14/2018

Pat McNamara Gives NRA Carry Guard the Thumbs Up

NRA Carry Guard is the premier firearms training program, not just because we say it is, but because it actually is. From veteran Green Berets Jeff Houston and Mike Pannone to veteran U.S. Navy SEALs Eric Frohardt and Jack Carr, we’ve got a full lineup of elite tactical shooting instructors that bring experience and knowledge to the program.

Not only are our courses taught by some of the most qualified and skilled marksmen in the world, they’re endorsed by them as well. Just recently, Grant Stinchfield chatted with former U.S. Army Special Forces operator Pat McNamara about his thoughts on the NRA’s Carry Guard program, and he had nothing but great things to say.

“It’s a program that’s absolutely vital to the firearms industry,” McNamara told Grant.

We’re honored to have the great Pat McNamara give us his stamp of approval, and we’re grateful for his contributions to the firearms community.

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