NRA Carry Guard Daily 8/8/2018

Campus Carry Makes Universities Safer

Upon the passing of campus carry law in Texas, politicians on the left warned all campus-goers that the sky would fall—that the libraries, the cafeterias, the classrooms would be covered in carnage. They said that 21-year-olds were too young to make life-altering decisions that involved a firearm.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, if you asked Lieutenant Amy Ivey from the Texas Tech PD, you’d hear the exact opposite. “I believe [campus carry] makes the campus a safer place to live, learn, and educate,” Lt. Ivey said. “I like to think that we’re no longer an opportunity for an active shooter because they know that if they come onto campus that there could be the potential for an individual to stop [them].” 

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