NRA Carry Guard Daily 7/6/2018

Venezuela Disarms Its Citizens—Atrocities Ensue

A disarmed population and a government based in socialism is almost always a recipe for death and violence. The lack of innovation, ingenuity and incentives leaves millions defenseless, homeless, and deprived of even the most basic necessities.

Take Venezuela—a once thriving democracy—as an example.

Just six years ago, the Venezuelan government disarmed their citizenry, and as Chuck Holton says, matters only got worse.

“In 2012, when they passed their gun-confiscation law in Venezuela, what we saw since then is that the level of violent crime actually went up. Not only has it gone up against civilians, but it’s gone up even against police officers, as police officers have been robbed for their guns.”

Now, it’s not just the shameless and violent criminals that are preying on unarmed Venezuelan citizens, it’s the government that’s inflicting acts of violence and depravity as well.

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