NRA Carry Guard Leadership 7/30/2018

Introducing NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor Mike Pannone

by Eric Frohardt NRA Director of Education & Training

It’s my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the NRA Carry Guard Leadership Team, Mike Pannone. Mike’s role will be that of Senior Advisor. He will help us continue to evolve and improve our curriculum and our instructor pipeline. Also look for him to be a regular contributor to the Asset Journal and other NRA Carry Guard media.

Mike’s resume is impressive. He is a former member of Marine Recon, Army Special Forces (Green Beret) and 1st SFOD-D (Delta Force), as well as a USPSA Master Class pistol shooter. After a medical retirement from a combat training injury, he helped stand up the U.S. Air Marshal program after 9/11 and worked as their primary firearms instructor at the Air Marshal School and the Seattle field office. He contracted overseas for “a while” and for a “variety” of groups (I’m being intentionally vague here), until he started his own training company: Comprehensive Technical and Tactical Solutions, LLC.

Wearing his CEO hat, Mike currently trains vetted citizens, military operators, federal, state and local law enforcement agencies all over the United States—including FBI, DEA, USSS, DHQ, Park Service, Commerce Department and all branches of the military. He has even spent time teaching at the SIG Sauer Academy and is able to boast a sponsorship by CZ-USA.

This year at SHOT Show, I was introduced to Mike by a former teammate who now works for SIG Sauer. As I explained what NRA Carry Guard was and what we were trying to do, my buddy told me I just HAD to meet Mike, or “Noner” as he called him. After a brief foot-patrol from the SIG booth to the CZ booth and a lengthy text exchange, Mike and I finally managed to coordinate a link-up at the NRA booth.

His shooting knowledge and experience were evident. I was especially interested in the fact that he specializes in concealed or “covert” carry and teaches it on a regular basis to law enforcement officers and military who depend on it to get through the day alive. We ended up talking for over two hours about the best guns, holsters, carry locations and draw strokes, and it came out that he had done some sophisticated high-speed camera work to inform his theories. It was obvious from that first conversation that Mike is a true professional, and someone who has plenty of fresh ideas to contribute to our training curriculum.

As with others on this team, there are things omitted from his resume. Suffice it to say, he’s “been there, done that.” We’ll be posting a short interview soon in which Mike will provide a bit of detail on his background and training philosophy, in his own words. We are all honored, humbled and excited to have him on board. Please join me in welcoming Mike to the NRA Carry Guard team.

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