NRA Carry Guard Daily 7/24/2018

How to Stop the Bleeding

It's an unfortunate reality: we carry because we want to maintain control of our personal safety—but we don't assume similar responsibility when it comes to personal injury.

Grant talks to Bill "Doc" Harris, an emergency medical professional, about his latest NRA Carry Guard Magazine column that offers you a detailed how-to guide to stop excessive bleeding sustained in an accident. Doc says when seconds count, help is minutes away, and as good as 9-1-1 might be in your area, it is up to you to have a game plan before injuries are sustained.

Emergency medicine techniques have drastically changed and improved in the last decade. In this important interview, Doc outlines everything from forming a strategy for emergencies before anything goes awry, to proper tourniquet use, and modern emergency medicine practices. This interview is perhaps the most vital tool you can keep in your training toolbox.

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