NRA Carry Guard Daily 6/21/2018

The Mindset Surrounding Concealed Carry

As the second installment of NRA Carry Guard Magazine is close to arriving in homes, Grant Stinchfield welcomes Keith Wood, an NRA Carry Guard Magazine contributor, to offer a preview of what to look out for.

Grant and Keith reveal the theme of the magazine. Mindset. Having taken an NRA Carry Guard training course, Keith discusses that this issue of the magazine is an extension of the NRA Carry Guard training principle of mindset. As Keith puts it, “the firearm is a great tool, but unless you have the mindset to avoid, and then use it, the firearm itself is going to be useless.”

NRA Carry Guard endorser Bill “Doc” Harris is featured in an article entitled Will You Stop The Bleeding, in which he provides basic steps individuals can make to increase survivability in a crisis. Other magazine highlights that Keith touches on include a new set of Commuter Drills from Jeff Houston and a Situational IQ piece that will assist readers in recognizing best practices when going to a gas station.

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