NRA Carry Guard Daily 6/7/2018

Exciting New NRA Carry Guard Training Programs

NRA Carry Guard recently expanded their training program to offer courses that encompass the needs of all serious concealed carry permit holders. NRA’s Director of Education and NRA Carry Guard Training Director, Eric Frohardt discusses the new courses with Grant Stinchfield.

There has been a massive demand since the release of the new NRA Carry Guard training courses. Frohardt has promised additional class offerings coming soon, as many of this summer’s course offerings are sold out.

Grant discusses his own experience with the training and the quality of the instructors. “There’s not many classes that you’re going to have Navy SEALs, Green Berets and SWAT team members that are literally training you on the range.”

Click here to learn more about current NRA Carry Guard courses.

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NRA Carry Guard Daily

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NRA Carry Guard Daily

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