Training 6/7/2018

Commuter Drills | Drill 4

by Jeff Houston

Part 4 of 5

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston offers five drills to practice while at the range. These drills will benefit your fundamentals—speed, accuracy and handling.

Of all the factors that keep gun owners from training as much as they’d like, time and money rank highest. With that in mind, NRA Carry Guard Magazine will present you “Commuter Drills” in each issue: Drills designed for 30 minutes or less, with just 50 rounds of ammo. If there’s a range between home and work, knock out a session once a week with these drills and watch your skills improve.

In each of these drills, you should be focused on the fundamentals—getting your stance and grip correct, aligning your sights and executing a smooth and complete trigger press. For the actual firing, think of taking up slack (finding tension) and breaking the trigger (pressing) as two separate motions.

Drill 4
5 Shot Exercise


From a holster or ready position, fire five shots onto a mid-size target (such as a chest area or ‘A-zone’)—take your time and follow through (align sights, finger on trigger, ready to shoot the next shot if needed). Take your finger off the trigger, scan for other threats and return to ready position or holster. Do from the 3-, 5-, 7- and 10-yard line, five shots per iteration.


This five-shot drill will help you take more shots at a more rapid pace. In previous drills, you were taking your time. But this exercise allows you to work on building speed while maintaining just one target. It’s a slightly larger target—5 inches vs. 3—so you don’t have to be as pinpoint accurate and can begin building shot tempo. This is the first drill that will test your recoil management, so pay close attention to your grip and stance.

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Commuter Drills | Drill 5

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston offers the fifth of five drills to practice while at the range.


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