NRA Carry Guard Daily 6/25/2018

A Guide to Concealed Carry Holsters

Co-founder of BlackPoint Tactical, Tyler Johnson, joins Grant Stinchfield and NRA Carry Guard National Director, Jack Carr, to discuss the importance of the quality of your holster. As a retired US Navy SEAL, Jack has spent years using different equipment and continues to test various holsters. He likes BlackPoint Tactical holsters so much, he not only has recommended them to NRA Carry Guard instructors, but he’s mentioned them in his book, The Terminal List.

Jack explains the versatility and overall quality of BlackPoint Tactical’s holsters. Grant Stinchfield shares that it was at the recommendation of NRA Carry Guard instructors that he got a BlackPoint Tactical holster for his everyday carry.

“A lot of people will spend a lot of money on a gun, but not give any consideration on how they’re going to carry it,” Tyler explains. BlackPoint holsters are distinct because of their hand-crafted construction and high quality of materials all of which makes for a very comfortable, reliable holster.

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