Training 5/11/2018

Parking Smarts

by Jeff Houston

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston has some situational awareness tips for safely navigating parking lots and garages. Here, in his own words, are behaviors to learn ... or unlearn.

Entering the Garage

Be on your game because potential threats are looming. Dark corners, lots of vehicles, lots of places to hide. Look right, look left and be continuously aware there are areas people could be lingering.


Walking to Your Vehicle

Be aware of where your vehicle is. Take wide corners, especially around trucks and vans. Look in vehicles, through the windows, to see if there’s someone lingering in a car—maybe someone watching you.


Entering Your Vehicle

Get your keys out before you exit—don’t be standing at your car digging out keys. Unlock only the driver’s door. If you need to load children or items in the back, be aware you’re unlocking all the doors.


If Danger Arises

How easy is it to get to your gun when you’re all buckled in? Do you have multiple layers of clothing over it and your seat belt? Are you prepared to deal with an encounter from your driver’s seat of your car?

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