NRA Carry Guard Daily 5/22/2018

Arming Teachers Keeps Kids Safe

Rather than solutions, there is a tactic of condemning gun owners, first responders and any others that the mass media deems blame-worthy. Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd puts it best when he says, “It’s all about keeping the children safe, so I find it interesting that so many in the education profession want to do the same old things and expect different results.”

Many within of Florida’s educational community have been quick to dismiss the idea of arming teachers. Sheriff Grady Judd points out that the intent was never to simply arm teachers. Not only is the program for volunteers, it is for those who are capable of “passing a detailed background check, a psychological test, a drug screen and then pass 144 hours of very intense training and qualify at an even higher number than law enforcement officers are required to.”

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NRA Carry Guard Daily

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