Training 4/2/2018

The Now Drill

The Now Drill is a trigger control exercise. This is a great drill to do with an instructor pacing you or to do on your own. The shooter will fire the first shot on their own and will immediately get back on target, align the sights and find tension in the trigger (taking out the slack). Once the shooter has found tension, the instructor gives the command (either saying, “Now” or tapping on the shooter’s shoulder) to finish the trigger press. It should be done smoothly, not hastily.

Continue the sequence for the entire magazine.

Find Tension. Begin the trigger press but only until you've taken the slack out.



Wait for command "now" or say it to yourself if you're alone. 


Finish the trigger press smoothly. Get back on target, align sights and return to the point where the slack is out. Repeat to finish the magazine.

If there isn’t an instructor, you can go through the same deliberate steps of firing the first shot then telling yourself, “now” once you’ve found tension on the trigger.

The fundamental objective of the Now Drill is to not fire the shot in one, big squeeze but to first find tension, pause momentarily, then finish the smooth trigger press.

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