NRA Carry Guard Daily 3/15/2018

Warning To Criminals Looking To Prey On Citizens

NRA Carry Guard prepares Americans for the moments that we hope we never have to confront. These moments can be the difference between surviving and suffering.  

As Grant Stinchfield puts it, “The criminal needs to realize, the decision to commit violence could cost them their lives, especially when a CHL holder is willing to defend theirs.” Milwaukee police have supported this belief through their pleas of ending the violence after a carjacker was fatally shot when attempting to victimize an innocent resident.

Gun owners have a duty to protect themselves and their families. A law-abiding Washington gun owner confronted and wounded a burglar who became a threat to his family on his property, further solidifying the need to always be prepared for what we hope to never have to confront.   

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NRA Carry Guard Daily

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