Right To Carry 3/30/2018

Travel Carry

by Colion Noir

A lot of people ask me about traveling with firearms. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. If I’m flying, the first thing I do is go online and look at the airline’s policy for flying with firearms.

With handguns, I have to account for an extra 35-45 minutes on my flights because I have to check in because I can’t carry on, and also, you never know what issues you may encounter. Because you’re dealing with people who may not understand their own policies with respect to traveling with a firearm.

Generally speaking though, the TSA requires all airlines to require all guns to be transported in a lockbox. So with a pistol, I take something like this lockbox here.

When I’m flying, I’ll typically bring a carry gun and a bedside gun. The carry gun is a smaller gun that I know I can carry with anything I wear. The bedside gun is something that gives me a bigger frame, higher capacity and room for a light. So I’ll have that by my bed in the hotel room.

As far as ammo is concerned, they usually want you to keep it in the original box, or some type of contained container. They don’t like loose rounds. I use plastic cases from the gun store, I think this one holds about 100 rounds of 9 mm. I keep my self-defense rounds in here and put it in my checked bag as well.

Gun: Glock 43
Sights: Trijicon HD
Holster: Veil Solutions Ghost
Mag Baseplate +1: Taran Tactical
Belt: Ares Gear Aegis

As long as we are dealing with the patchwork of carry laws from state to state, the most important thing is to understand the laws in the state that you’re going to. It’s easy to get caught up and end up breaking the law unintentionally because you didn’t know the various laws in that state.

In some places, you may not be able to carry, but you’re allowed to keep a gun in your hotel because it’s considered your domicile at the time. So I might go to a state where I can’t carry, but I’ll still bring a gun because I know that I can keep the gun at my hotel. However, at some point I’ll be in transit, so I have to understand the transportation laws for firearms in that particular state as well.

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