Right To Carry 2/7/2018

The Next Step In The Right-To-Carry Revolution

by Wayne LaPierre Executive Vice President and CEO, NRA

On behalf of all of us at the NRA, thank you for being among the first to join NRA Carry Guard. This is an ambitious program in its earliest stages, and I am proud of the enormous value it offers gun owners like you.

As you take advantage of all of the opportunities now at your fingertips, like our world-class training program and our expert online education resources, I want you to know that you aren’t just improving your self-defense capability—you are making a strong and serious commitment to the safety and well-being of America as a whole.

That’s what the Second Amendment is all about, and it’s at the core of the Right-to-Carry movement.

Over the past four decades, NRA brought the Second Amendment from the brink of extinction to the doorstep of national Right-to-Carry reciprocity. We have ushered in a renaissance of freedom, at a time when all of the other individual freedoms have suffered grave setbacks.

As the carry movement swept the country, it was met by grave predictions from anti- gun lawmakers and the media. They said we were turning America into the Wild West. Instead, the Right to Carry has coincided with all-time lows in violent crime. As more Americans than ever before seek out the fullest measure of their firearm freedoms, crime rates have plummeted.

As you’ll read in “The Right-To-Carry Revolution” later in this magazine, the movement began in Florida in the 1980s. That state has now issued more than 3 million carry permits, and only 168 have been revoked for misuse of a firearm. That’s an incredible .006 percent.

To put that into perspective, if the 3 million Floridians with carry permits were concentrated in one urban area, it would be the most law-abiding city in the history of the world.

There is no denying it: The Right to Carry works because it puts freedom in the hands of good people. Some cities, like Chicago, deny this proven track record, and more importantly, the freedom of their citizens—senselessly entrapping the law-abiding within festering violent crime zones in the process.

That is an unacceptable situation, and NRA will continue to lead the legislative fight to bring a full measure of Second Amendment freedom to every law-abiding American. NRA Carry Guard represents a significant step toward that goal.

But beyond the political arena, NRA Carry Guard represents something even more: the next step in our mission to make expert training, education and legal protection accessible to the millions of Americans who responsibly carry firearms, or would like to learn how.

This is a grassroots movement to reclaim control over our lives, our safety and the safety of our communities. In the face of violent crime and the rising threat of lone-wolf terrorism, there is no better defense than the full force of the Second Amendment in the hands of trained, prepared American citizens.

Gun owners like you, who seek to responsibly exercise your firearm freedoms, are the backbone of a free and safe America. In the face of an anti-gun media that demonizes you at every turn, you deserve a champion that will have your back should you ever have to act in lawful self-defense—and an education and training program that minimizes your chances of ever having to do so in the first place.

That is what NRA Carry Guard represents: the fiercest, most comprehensive solution for Americans making the selfless and courageous decision to exercise their freedoms. I promise that we will work every day to make this program even more valuable for our members.

All of us at the NRA believe you represent the best of America, and we are truly grateful for your support of this program from the very beginning.

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