Training 2/7/2018

The Best Training I've Ever Experienced

by Dana Loesch NRA National Spokesperson

As a proud concealed carrier, I’ve taken my fair share of training courses. NRA Carry Guard’s Level 1 program, which I had the privilege of taking earlier this year, was by far the best. This course will truly bring you the combination of world-class firearm instruction and real-world legal perspective that you have to have in order to responsibly carry in today’s world. Over the course of my three-day class, all sorts of things stood out to me, but these are the four that rose above the rest:

Truly Elite Training

Every single NRA Carry Guard instructor has a lifetime of real-world experience and knowledge. They’re going to be able to look at everything that you’re doing and say, “This can be done better. Or that can be done better.” And they say it in a way where you don’t feel intimidated. They’re encouraging and it’s very constructive.

It's Extremely Accessible

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have: You will learn something. This is top-tier training that soccer moms can take advantage of. This is training college students can take advantage of. This is training that veterans can take advantage of. It’s accessible, it’s simple and it takes these techniques that the elite of the elite have used and it brings them to civilians. And they really allowed us to access it, adapt it and make it our own. Trust me, you’re going to want these skills for when you have to stop and get gas late at night, or when you have
 to get out of your car and you’re approached. These skills are absolutely adaptable to the civilian world.

It's Built For Our Legal Environment

The truth is, we live in such a litigious society. Criminals can now sue people successfully. NRA Carry Guard trains you for all of the things that you don’t think about in a threatening situation. The difference between exoneration and conviction can be as small as whether your muzzle was up or down before a criminal rushes you with a knife. That’s why this training actually pushes you to consider more than just fight or flight. It’s reflexive thinking. So, you’re also thinking of legal steps, as well as self-preservation steps.

Nighttime Training

Being able to control your light, control your muzzle, identify targets and do it quickly is a heck of a lot harder than what it looks like on CSI and Cops. If you ever have to defend yourself in the dark, this training teaches you what you can do to make up for the fact that you can’t see. It teaches you not just control of your firearm, but, how you also control the light and how they work together.

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