NRA Carry Guard Daily 10/8/2018

Pepper Spray Can Be Just as Effective as a Firearm at Disarming a Gunman

A firearm will almost always be your best defense against an armed gunman; fighting fire with fire will give you the best matchup against someone set on hurting as many people as possible. However, in the event that you’re unable to carry concealed, a can of pepper spray has the potential of neutralizing the threat of lethal force.

Just four years ago, a man armed with a shotgun entered into a Seattle-area college—a gun-free zone. After shooting a female student, he stopped to reload, only to be attacked by a student armed with pepper spray.

Check out what hosts Grant Stinchfield and NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor Jeff Houston have to say as discuss the heroics of the student who took down the gunman.

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