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Commuter Drills 2.0 | Drill 2

by Jeff Houston

Part 2 of 5

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Frequency over duration is preached in the NRA Carry Guard training course and you should apply it to your own training regimen. What this means is that it’s better to get to the range more often, for shorter sessions, than to go less often for really long sessions. This session is more of a wide and shallow training session as opposed to a narrow and deep session.

The drills you see here will cover a variety of skills that are important for you to practice: multiple-shot/rapid-fire engagements, trigger control, firing with your primary hand only, and tactical reloads. Begin each drill from a ready position (low, high, or in the holster) that is safe and suitable for your level of training and your range environment.

If you struggle with any of the individual skills incorporated in these drills, then simply take some time and reps to work on what you are struggling with before moving on to incorporate the entirety of the drill. You can do more reps if you have the time and ammo. Difficulty can be added by increasing the distance or decreasing the size of the target.

Drill 2

Rounds Per Rep | 5
Reps | 1
Total Rounds Fired | 5
Distance | 3 Yards

The Now Drill is a trigger control exercise. This is a great drill to do with an instructor pacing you or you can do this self-paced. The shooter will fire the first shot on their own and will immediately get back on target, align the sights, and find tension (take the slack out). Once the instructor sees that you have found tension, they give the command (either saying “now” or giving a light tap on the shoulder) to finish the trigger press (do this smoothly, not hastily). Continue the same sequence for all 5 rounds. Only the very first shot is done on your own, after that you wait for the “now” command. This drill can be done on your own without an instructor, by deliberately going through each and every step and telling yourself “now” once you’ve found tension on the trigger. The fundamental key during this drill is to not fire the shot in one big squeeze, you must first find tension and momentarily pause, and then you will proceed to tell yourself “now” and finish the smooth trigger press.

If you are using an instructor during this drill, make absolutely sure that they are safely behind the muzzle of the gun while watching your trigger movements.

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