NRA Carry Guard Daily 10/2/2018

Are Night Sights Actually Worth the Money?

If you’re serious about being prepared as a concealed-weapons carrier, night sights are an absolute must. The fact of the matter is that active shooters and armed bad guys don’t just do their dirty work during the light of day. In fact, they may even opt for the night shift in order to give their crime a better chance at being successful.

For that reason, you can’t be caught with just the stock sights that come with your firearm. You simply aren’t as effective at defending yourself or your family in a low-light situation without a good pair of night sights.

Lead Instructor Jeff Houston is a huge believer in the importance of night sights. “A fundamental to shooting is proper sight alignment,” he says, and if you aren’t able to get a good sight picture in low light, you will be less effective in defending your own life and the lives of others.

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NRA Carry Guard Daily

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