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Arming Teachers Keeps Kids Safe

Rather than solutions, there is a tactic of condemning gun owners, first responders and any others that the mass media deems blame-worthy.

Commuter Drills | Drill 1

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston offers the first of five drills to practice while at the range.

Tragedy in Texas Leads to Increase in Concealed Carry Holders

Grant Stinchfield talks with a Texas hero who inspired people in his community to carry a concealed firearm.

Realistic Scenario Prepares Carry Holders for the Unexpected

Singer, Kaya Jones was eager to put the skills she picked up in the NRA Carry Guard Intermediate course, to the test.

Encouraging Others to Carry and Arm Themselves Responsibly

Kaya Jones calls firearms ownership, “a lifestyle change…it’s about understanding that when you buy your firearm, you’re responsible for every bullet that leaves the chamber.”

Parking Smarts

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston has some situational awareness tips for safely navigating parking lots and garages.

“Color Code”

The Color Code is an efficient way to gauge and engage our individual levels of awareness and serves as an essential part of our personal protection plan.

Training to Be Better Prepared Against Criminals

Grant interviews competitive shooter Krystal Dunn, who just participated in her first NRA Carry Guard training course.

Special Coverage of NRA Carry Guard from NRA Annual Meetings 2018

Direct from the convention floor at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Grant Stinchfield heads a special NRA Carry Guard panel.

NRA Carry Guard Training Scenarios Featured At NRA Annual Meetings

Grant Stinchfield delves deeper into the NRA Carry Guard content that will be featured at this year’s NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits, taking place May 3-6 in Dallas.

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Have a Plan


Surviving The Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Shooting

You've just made it through the single most traumatic event of your life—how you handle yourself now will have consequences that will resonate for years.

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Right To Carry is Now A Movement

Right To Carry

The Next Step In The Right-To-Carry Revolution

On behalf of all of us at the NRA, thank you for being among the first to join NRA Carry Guard.

Right To Carry

The Right-To-Carry Movement In America

A generation ago, law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms in public were a relative rarity on the American landscape.

Training Is Most Important

The Best Training I've Ever Experienced

As a proud concealed carrier, I’ve taken my fair share of training courses. NRA Carry Guard’s Level 1 program, which I had the privilege of taking earlier this year, was by far the best.

Training Together

It doesn’t take long in the contemporary firearms community before you lose the notion of the “average” or “normal” shooter.

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