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Safe and Accessible: How to Store Your EDC Gun at Home

Storing your gun safely and accessibly at your home can be a bit of a balancing act.

Trigger Control

Trigger control—it’s one of the fundamentals of shooting we constantly strive to improve. Even the best shooters in the world continuously work on their trigger control to shoot smaller, tighter groups on targets at various distances. That’s target shooting, but what about real life?

Concealed Carry is Gaining Popularity with Young Gun Owners

No longer is concealed carry just for an older, rural demographic. Concealed carry is beginning to be recognized as the best and most effective way to keep you and your family safe.

What Makes NRA Carry Guard Instructors the Best of the Best?

Any experienced gun owner can teach the fundamentals of concealed carry. But when it comes to all things firearms training and safety, we demand the best.

There’s More to Self-Defense Than Just Firearms

People often get caught up on the firearm aspect of self-defense and forget that the number one focus behind carrying a weapon is self-preservation—the ability to protect yourself from harm or death.

Show Your Hands, Obey Commands

With all the attention that police confrontations are getting in the media these days, it’s not all that surprising that being involved in encounters with law enforcement officers may bring about feelings of uneasiness and anxiety.

A Spare Magazine Is A Must, But How To Carry It?

If you carry a firearm, particularly a semi-automatic handgun, you should have quick access to a second magazine. Running out of ammo is never the right answer to the question.

Don’t Test Your Luck with an Armed Shopkeeper

Host Grant Stinchfield and NRA Carry Guard instructor Jeff Houston break down security footage of a shopkeeper defending his life as well as his business.

Evolution Of NRA Carry Guard Training: An Interview With Jack Carr

NRA Carry Guard’s Basic Course launched in the Summer of 2017 with a series of three–day classes across the U.S. We sat down with Jack Carr to discuss the successes and challenges of those initial classes.

Study Sheds Light on the Increase in Concealed Carry Permits

In what can only be bad news for violent street predators everywhere, John Lott reports that nearly 900,000 new carry permits were issued to Americans over the last year.

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Have a Plan


Surviving The Aftermath Of A Self-Defense Shooting

You've just made it through the single most traumatic event of your life—how you handle yourself now will have consequences that will resonate for years.

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Right To Carry is Now A Movement

Right To Carry

The Next Step In The Right-To-Carry Revolution

On behalf of all of us at the NRA, thank you for being among the first to join NRA Carry Guard.

Right To Carry

The Right-To-Carry Movement In America

A generation ago, law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms in public were a relative rarity on the American landscape.

Training Is Most Important

The Best Training I've Ever Experienced

As a proud concealed carrier, I’ve taken my fair share of training courses. NRA Carry Guard’s Level 1 program, which I had the privilege of taking earlier this year, was by far the best.

Training Together

It doesn’t take long in the contemporary firearms community before you lose the notion of the “average” or “normal” shooter.

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