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NRA Carry Guard is the only carry program of its kind to be developed by the National Rifle Association.

- Wayne LaPierre, NRA Executive Vice President and CEO

Ready To Take The Next Step?

Choose the only firearms carry program developed and supported by the National Rifle Association.

All NRA Carry Guard Members Get These Great Benefits:

  • 24/7/365 access to the members-only hotline for incident reporting and emergency assistance.
  • Immediate access as needed to supplementary payments for bail, bonds, legal retainer fees, lawful replacement of legally possessed firearm, compensation while in court, psychological support and cleanup costs.
  • Your spouse is automatically insured inside and outside the home at no extra charge.
  • Civil defense legal fees in addition to the insurance limit for each membership level.
  • Access to legal assistance and ability to select your own counsel.
  • The most comprehensive training developed exclusively for private citizens who carry concealed firearms.
  • Full and complete access to the training video library.
  • Subscription to NRA Carry Guard quarterly publication.
  • Free one-year NRA membership with full benefits.
  • Developed and supported by America’s strongest defender of individual freedom, the National Rifle Association.
or $154.95 billed annually
or $254.95 billed annually
or $359.95 billed annually

This is the comprehensive protection I've been looking for. Now all Americans who carry a gun can have the proper coverage.

- Dana Loesch, Gold NRA Carry Guard Member


Join us August 25–27, 2017, for the NRA Carry Guard Expo at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee, WI.