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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are grouped into four categories: General, Membership, Claims and Training. If your question isn’t answered below, call us at 1-866-NRA-5050 or use the Contact Us form to send us a message.

General Questions

The NRA Carry Guard Membership is the most complete product available for those who carry firearms. In addition to NRA Carry Guard training and education resources, it includes insurance protection for certain losses resulting from an act of self-defense while using a legally possessed firearm.

The NRA Carry Guard insurance coverage provides civil liability protection and criminal defense reimbursement, civil defense legal fees, spousal protection, family member coverage for residential incidents and immediate access to attorney referrals. It also includes supplementary payments as needed for bail, criminal defense legal retainer fees, lawful firearms replacement, compensation while in court, psychological support and clean-up costs for any covered claim resulting from the use of a legally possessed firearm—including an act of self-defense. All benefits are insured.

Although you may legally use your firearm in self-defense, many homeowners’ policies have limitations or exclusions related to intentional acts, such as self-defense. There are also many unexpected procedures and costs associated with proving you acted in self-defense. From access to attorneys to the cost of proving your case, NRA Carry Guard insurance provides a safety net should you ever have to use your firearm in self-defense.

NRA Carry Guard is the only carry program developed and supported by the NRA and includes NRA training and education. This is the premier product available on the market today and all benefits are fully insured by Chubb®, the largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company in the world.  We encourage you to compare the following highlights of membership to other plans:

  • Each NRA Carry Guard Member has his or her own insurance limit. Other plans may have a shared limit among all members.
  • Spouses are automatically covered at no additional cost. 
  • Family members who live with the NRA Carry Guard member are covered for acts of self-defense in the home at no additional cost. 
  • Civil defense legal fees are in addition to the insurance limit for each membership level.
  • All NRA Carry Guard benefits are fully insured. Other plans may utilize a committee to determine whether benefits apply. 
  • NRA Carry Guard members have immediate access to supplementary payments as needed of up to 20% of the Criminal Defense Costs limit including:
    • Attorney consultation and retainer fees
    • Bail money
    • Member loss of earning up to $250 per day
    • Lawful replacement of legally possessed firearm
    • Clean-up costs for member’s residence
    • Psychological support counseling
  • NRA Carry Guard provides access to legal assistance as well as the ability to select your own counsel.
  • NRA Carry Guard membership provides access to exclusive NRA training and education programs.

If you already have concealed carry insurance, you better read the fine print. You, your assets and everything you’ve worked for could be in jeopardy if you hold an inferior policy. NRA Carry Guard provides you with an individual policy—not a group policy that could leave you at risk. Give one of our associates a call today to get the peace of mind you deserve. We have convenient plans that can start a policy up to six months in advance to ensure you have no lapse in coverage. Only NRA Carry Guard is developed and supported by the NRA and backed by Chubb®. 

The administrative fee is charged to cover costs associated with the processing and maintenance of your membership.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist with your NRA membership. The NRA Carry Guard membership is separate from your NRA membership, but you can call 1-877-672-2000.

When you sign up for NRA Carry Guard, you will receive a free year of NRA membership. If you are already a yearly NRA member, you will be allowed to activate another year of membership at no charge. If you’re an NRA Life member, you will be allowed to give a one-year NRA membership to someone.

The NRA Carry Guard Expo, formerly named the NRA Personal Protection Expo, will be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on August 25-27, 2017. It will feature concealed carry and self-defense seminars along with an exhibit hall of the latest guns and gear from major manufacturers.

Available to all NRA Carry Guard members, it’s one of the highest quality gun publications on the market. You can expect to receive the first issue in Fall 2017; the magazine will then be distributed quarterly in 2018 for a total of 4 issues per year.

Membership Questions

Yes, NRA Carry Guard offers three levels of membership with three tiers of insurance coverage. The cost of membership can be paid annually or monthly.

Gold ($359.95 annually or $31.95 monthly)
$1,000,000 of civil protection with $150,000 in criminal defense costs reimbursed after acquittal or dismissal, with up to 20% of the criminal defense costs limit available as supplementary payments for expenses such as bail and legal retainers.

Silver ($254.95 annually or $21.95 monthly)
$500,000 of civil protection with $100,000 in criminal defense costs reimbursed after acquittal or dismissal, with up to 20% of the criminal defense costs limit available as supplementary payments for expenses such as bail and legal retainers.

Bronze ($154.95 annually or $13.95 monthly)
$250,000 of civil protection with $50,000 in criminal defense reimbursed after acquittal or dismissal, with up to 20% of the criminal defense costs limit available as supplementary payments for expenses such as bail and legal retainers.

Each NRA Carry Guard Member selects a membership level and receives insurance protection individually.

Yes, you can have your coverage put into effect up to 6 months in the future by enrolling today. If your other membership is past that timeframe, we can take your information and remind you when we get closer to your renewal.

If you join today, your membership and insurance protection can start as soon as tomorrow.

Spouses are automatically covered at no additional cost. Resident family members are also covered for acts of self-defense that occur in your residence.

Police officers, private investigators, correction officers, security guards and military personnel can purchase memberships and would be covered for any off-duty incidents that occur outside the scope of employment.

Policies are administered by Lockton Affinity and insured by Chubb®. Chubb® carries an AM Best financial rating of A+ XV and is the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company. Lockton is the world’s largest privately held insurance broker.

Claims Questions

Your NRA Carry Guard membership card and policy will provide specific instructions. Basically, your first call should be to 911 to immediately report the incident. After that, there is a phone number provided for 24/7 access to prompt legal assistance. Your claim will be reported to the insurance carrier so your insurance protection can begin immediately. 

You can call any attorney you’d like. If you need assistance finding one, call the number on your NRA Carry Guard card and we will promptly assist you.

No, but that person can help you locate an attorney to represent you.

No. However, we can help you get in touch with an attorney who has expressed an interest in handling these types of cases. 

Yes. Different attorneys may charge different amounts, but the coverage limits are the same regardless of which attorney you hire. 

You should tell them your name, your NRA Carry Guard number and your phone number. Let them know you need the contact information for an attorney and identify the state and city in which the incident took place. Do not tell them about the incident—you should only speak to your attorney about the incident. 

Yes. Obtaining necessary emergency services should be your first priority.

You’ll have immediate access to supplementary payments as needed for bail money, attorney retainer fees, lawful replacement of your firearm, clean-up cost for your primary residence, loss of earning while in court, and psychological support. Up to 20% of the criminal liability reimbursement limit for your selected membership level is available. For example, a Gold Membership provides a $150,000 criminal liability reimbursement limit, so you would have up to $30,000 available for the Supplementary Payments. 

If criminal charges are brought against you, the criminal defense costs sublimit will reimburse you for any expenses related to your criminal defense if you are acquitted. Civil liability protection will take care of the expenses related to your civil defense and certain damages you may incur. Coverage for civil damages is subject to the limit of insurance as determined by your membership level. The legal costs associated with defending you against any civil suit are in addition to the policy limit.

A criminal case is a charge by the government that you broke the law. You may be subject to imprisonment and fines if convicted. A civil case is an action by an alleged victim, usually seeking money from the defendant. A civil case can be filed even if there are no criminal charges. Either type of case might arise from the use of a firearm.

Each NRA Carry Guard member’s fully insured coverage has four components of coverage: Civil suit liability, civil defense legal costs, criminal defense reimbursement and supplementary payments. When an NRA Carry Guard member uses a legally possessed firearm in self-defense, the member will have immediate access to their insured supplementary payments. This amount is up to 20% of the criminal defense reimbursement limit. Any criminal defense costs incurred by the member are reimbursed when their case is dismissed or are found not guilty. If a civil suit is presented by the alleged victim(s), the remaining policy limit will apply. Supplementary payments and related criminal defense reimbursement expenses will reduce the amount of insurance available for civil suit damage awards. 

For example, an NRA Carry Guard Gold member will have a total of $1,000,000 in policy limits available including a sublimit of up to $150,000 for criminal defense reimbursement. If a member uses a legally possessed firearm in self-defense, they will have immediate access to supplementary payments up to 20% ($30,000) of their criminal defense reimbursement limit. If all of the $150,000 limit available is used, the remaining policy limit of $850,000 is available for a civil suit damages judgment. All other civil defense costs including legal, to defend the NRA Carry Guard member are in addition to the policy limits and do not reduce the total policy amount.

Yes, payment of criminal defense costs is on a reimbursement basis. State laws prohibit insurance companies from covering their policy holders’ criminal acts. Once charges against you are dropped or you are found not guilty, NRA Carry Guard protection will reimburse your criminal defense costs up to the sublimit provided by your membership level, less any Supplementary Payments made.

In the event of an emergency, immediately call 911. After that, call the phone number that has been provided for 24/7 access for prompt legal assistance.


The NRA Carry Guard program was created to be the gold standard in concealed carry training and to prepare responsible citizens who legally carry to effectively confront today’s evolving conflict environment. It was developed by elite military veterans in conjunction with law enforcement experts. It consists of three levels of training with Level One launching in June 2017.  

While the courses are open to anyone who legally owns a handgun, this training may not be for everyone. It is designed for those who take carrying seriously—people who want to be more proficient shooters so they can carry concealed with greater confidence. It is for people who know it takes more than a gun to be well-armed, and who understand that carrying every day requires discipline, education and a respectful appreciation of the magnitude of drawing the gun from the holster. 

The three-day program is based on the concept thatthe best do the basics better” and focus on fundamentals on the range. Then those fundamentals are applied to real-life CCW situations, self-defense tactics and techniques, low-light shooting, force-on-force Air Soft scenarios and more. Students are evaluated on a course of fire where only a passing score earns eligibility to move to the next level—there are no participation certificates. 

The NRA designed its Carry Guard program to be the very best resource for responsible citizens who are leading the concealed carry lifestyle. We encourage you to sign up for training today.

The NRA Carry Guard program is real-world, self-defense training designed for those leading the concealed carry lifestyle. It is not intended to replace other NRA training programs, but complements those programs and fills a void for those who want the gold standard of CCW training. 

The program was designed to challenge concealed carriers to improve their skills so they will become more proficient shooters and more confident carriers. Sessions include training on the fundamentals, practicing real-life scenarios, shooting in low light and learning from an elite group of experienced instructors.

While carrying a gun is our God-given right, responsible citizens should want to be well-trained and proficient in the use of their firearm. 

You don’t need to have your concealed carry license already, but you need to come with an open mind and willingness to improve your skills. You’ll need to bring a reliable handgun and ammunition for the course. If you currently own or carry a sub-compact or defensive carry pistol, you should also bring that in addition to your range pistol. Other course requirements and range bag needs will be sent out prior to training.

You will be able to sign up this summer to be the first in our Level 1 training course. 

Fill out the form on the training page to request a training session in your state. Otherwise, check back in June for class dates, times and locations. 

No, an NRA membership is not required to be an NRA Carry Guard member or to participate in training. However, we encourage all responsible firearms enthusiasts who value the freedoms our Second Amendment protects to sign up for NRA membership. Anyone who purchases NRA Carry Guard will receive a free one-year NRA membership.

Having NRA Carry Guard insurance is not a requirement to take this course. Of course, we strongly recommend having the NRA Carry Guard coverage if you are going to carry concealed or keep a firearm in the home to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Yes. Level 1 will be unveiled in 2017 and Levels 2 and 3 will follow. This program allows students to progress up the ladder. Each level will focus on fundamentals, but as you progress, stricter time constraints, additional movement drills, tactics and techniques, more complex force-on-force scenarios and more involved low-light shooting will be added.

Level 2 training will be available in 2018.

Please check back this summer for pricing updates.

Fill out the form at the end of our Training section and we will get back to you soon. If you are a current NRA instructor or veteran military or law enforcement officer, you can apply to be an NRA Carry Guard instructor. All potential NRA Carry Guard instructors must pass the Level 1 course before being certified to instruct. 

This information will be added to the site and/or communicated directly to interested instructors, based upon demand. 

The initial course will be taught by the elite members of the NRA Carry Guard development team. 

This information will be added to the site and/or communicated directly to interested instructors. 

You do not need to already have a permit to carry a concealed firearm before taking this course. This course will certainly prepare you for the shooting portion of whatever CCW class your state requires. In addition, this course will help establish a solid foundation from which to build as you continue your training.

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