Today, more than 15 million Americans legally carry firearms in defense of themselves, their families and their communities. These are among the safest, most responsible, most law-abiding group of people on the planet. It was for this group that NRA Carry Guard was created.

If, God forbid, you are ever forced to defend your life, or the life of your loved ones, that moment is likely to be the most stressful you’ve ever experienced. We can do our best to avoid trouble, but bad things sometimes happen to good people. That’s why right behind your firearm, your second most important protection is a rock-solid training program.

NRA Carry Guard aims to be everything law-abiding gun owners need to carry firearms with confidence and competence. Our training program, featuring both in-person classes as well as a vast online video library, was developed by an expert team of military and law enforcement veterans and focuses on the unique legal, mental and physical circumstances you must be prepared to face before and after pulling the trigger. NRA Carry Guard teaches you how to avoid and de-escalate conflict situations. But should you ever have to defend your life, you could face serious criminal or civil liability—even when you are completely innocent. In those devastating circumstances, NRA Carry Guard provides access to important resources.


NRA Carry Guard is the only membership carry program developed and supported by the National Rifle Association, the most powerful civil rights organization in American history. 

NRA Leadership

Wayne Lapierre

NRA Executive Vice President and CEO

I am proud of the NRA’s work to guarantee your right to carry a firearm. At a time when every other freedom has been diminished, we have led the movement to expand your Second Amendment right to carry nationwide.

Today, more than 15 million Americans like you carry a firearm in defense of themselves, their families and their communities—and you have proven to be among the safest, most responsible, most law-abiding group on the planet.

I am honored to serve on your behalf.

Chris W. Cox

Executive Director, NRA-ILA

As the executive director of NRA’s Institute of Legislative Action, I work every single day to defend and expand our Second Amendment rights.

That means Right-to-Carry Reciprocity but it also means a whole lot more, like fighting for a justice system that respects every gun owner’s constitutional freedom.

I can promise you this: There is no more dedicated, proven team waking up every day to defend your rights than the men and women of the NRA.

Josh Powell

Executive Director, NRA General Operations

We created NRA Carry Guard with one goal in mind: a carry program worthy of the NRA name.

I am extremely proud of the team we’ve assembled and am confident there is no better membership program for those who carry.

But we are just getting started: We are committed to making sure NRA Carry Guard will always be the most cutting-edge offering of training, protection and resources for the modern gun owner.

I've never taken a better course.

- Colion Noir, NRA Carry Guard Member


Never before has the NRA offered such comprehensive, relevant and integrated self-defense training. The NRA Carry Guard training program was built from scratch, with no set parameters, to meet the real needs of citizens.

Training courses were designed in conjunction with two Army Special Forces combat veterans, James R. Jarrett and Jeff Houston, along with fellow Navy SEALs Jack Carr and Eric Frohardt, with input from some of the most accomplished shooters in the industry. Students who successfully pass the NRA Carry Guard program will be proficient in the use of a concealed carry handgun, understand the limitations of their skills and chosen weapon, and be equipped to make sound, logical decisions under stress should the need to defend themselves or their families arise.

Meet the NRA Carry Guard Leadership Team

Eric Frohardt

Veteran U.S. Navy SEAL
NRA Director of Education and Training
NRA Carry Guard Training Director

Jack Carr

Veteran U.S. Navy Seal
NRA Carry Guard National Director

Jeff Houston

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Director of Operations
NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor

James R. Jarrett

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor

Mike Pannone

Veteran Green Beret
NRA Carry Guard Senior Advisor

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