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Special Coverage of NRA Carry Guard from NRA Annual Meetings 2018

Direct from the convention floor at the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Dallas, Grant Stinchfield heads a special NRA Carry Guard panel.

The Now Drill

The Now Drill is a trigger control exercise. This is a great drill to do with an instructor pacing you or to do on your own.

This is what "JUST DOESN’T LOOK RIGHT" looks like

JDLR. As a Special Operations soldier in Vietnam and Central America, I literally lived by this maxim.

Will You Survive the Aftermath of a Self-Defense Shooting?

Surviving a self-defense shooting is only the beginning. Will you know what to do in the seconds that follow?

Our free "Aftermath" guide will give you expert advice on what to expect and how to handle the immediate aftermath of a lawful self-defense shooting.

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Latest Stories

Encouraging and Educating Women on Second Amendment Rights

Actress Bree Michael Warner is an advocate for empowering women to be versed in the use of firearms so that they are able to defend themselves when things hit the fan.

Commuter Drills | Drill 5

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston offers the fifth of five drills to practice while at the range.

Avoid the Appearance of Evil

Grant Stinchfield, Jeff Houston and Chuck Michel continue their evaluations of footage from a special NRA Carry Guard force-on-force training exercise.

If I Can Evade and Avoid, That’s What I’m Going to Do

Chip Eberhart of Top Shot Academy went through an NRA Carry Guard force-on-force exercise and although armed, made the choice to stand down and not engage with the armed robbers.

Commuter Drills | Drill 4

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston offers the fourth of five drills to practice while at the range.

Exciting New NRA Carry Guard Training Programs

NRA’s Director of Education and NRA Carry Guard Training Director, Eric Frohardt discusses the new courses with Grant Stinchfield.

New Training Programs NRA Carry Guard Offers

Grant Stinchfield and veteran Navy SEAL and NRA Carry Guard instructor, Eddie Penney discuss why having a concealed carry permit is much more than having a piece of paper.

Observe, Orient, Decide and Act

Grant Stinchfield and NRA Carry Guard Director of Operations and Lead Instructor, Jeff Houston, discuss a training acronym that military members and law enforcement officers often use—OODA loop.

Commuter Drills | Drill 3

NRA Carry Guard Lead Instructor and veteran Green Beret Jeff Houston offers the third of five drills to practice while at the range.

Elite Training Courses for Every Skill Level

Through its training classes, video series, and other resources like articles from the industry’s best, NRA Carry Guard has something for everyone.

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